Cost savings

The customisation and approval capabilities of Editly, eliminates the need to go backwards and forwards with local agencies for edits. This is esssential for collateral which needs to be customised regularly, such as event posters, flyers and invites, saving both time and money.

Editly’s translation management process will save days or even weeks of work, resulting in signicant time and cost savings.

By building a single customisable template, massive savings in artworking alone can be made.

For example, if a single piece of collateral had to be produced for 100 markets in say 40 languages. The artworking costs alone for that one piece of collateral based on a modest 2 hours at £50 per hour (100 x £100) would total 200 man hours at a cost of £10,000.

The same collateral published as a template via Editly, would take about the same amount of time to build and publish i.e. 2 hours at a cost of £100 and another 2 hours to check the multilingual variations, totalling £200.

This represents an incredible 98% cost saving in time and artworking costs and a massive reduction in time for the collateral to be deployed.

In a recent project for one of our clients, editly manages 2,200 unique versions of 350 templates in up to 42 languages. This has resulted in an estimated savings, over the first 6 months of the project, of £140,000.